Wisconsin investment board gives $8M in bonuses to pension managers

And why shouldn’t the fat cats get fatter and the lies get bolder regarding the ‘evil’ pensions that must be cut?!  Fits in perfectly with the Scott Walker and other ass-hat repugnacan schemes to make the rich richer on the backs of the middle/working class.


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Romney’s Bullying Policy

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Romney-Ryan Hairdos

Two rich white guys with fake-looking hair.  And just what is with the Eddie Munster hairline that Ryan sports?  

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Romney? Really?

LOL @ my post from one year ago!  Well, that’s exactly what I think of R-MONEY today…absolutely forgettable. He’s some sort of phony, droid-like automaton who doesn’t even strike me as qualifying for person-hood…which is also a lark given that he bestowed such status on corporations!

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SGK Rethinks Decision to Pull PP Funding

3 February, 2012 Leave a comment

And now it’s upset the right-wingers such as ‘Focus [off of] the Family’ nut jobs.  So, here’s their explanation, as per Carrie Gordon Earl, Sr. Director:   “This is an example of how difficult it has become for organizations to take a morally principled stand. It’s also evidence of the strong-arm tactics employed by pro-abortion allies of Planned Parenthood. Komen would do well to remember who is it partnering with — a group that will stop at nothing to keep its funding.”

Let the Ordinary Netizen inject some common sense into Carrie’s brain and offer perhaps an alternative explanation:  This is an example of how difficult it has become for organizations to maintain a morally indefensible stand. It’s also evidence of the strength of those who act with conscience and utilize the collective power of social media to voice their outrage.  But even more so, it is a potent example of something of which the right-wingers would have absolutely no understanding–that is the possibility of being wrong and then, bravely, being able to admit such and change–something you’d never see repugnacans do because they always think they are correct!  Let me add to this alternate explanation, some absolutely on-target comments made by a poster named Paul Gottlieb, in discussion of Carrie’s ‘Unfocused on the Family’ response to SGK’s reversal:

” Komen would do well to remember who is it partnering with — a group that will stop at nothing to keep its funding.”

What exactly is meant by “stop at nothing.”? A lot of people decried Komen’s decision, commented online, and sent emails that they would no longer support Komen and direct their contributions to Planned Parenthood.
To my mind, “stop at nothing”would be activities such as putting up websites with pictures of abortion providers as targets. Stop at nothing is murdering an abortion provider in church. Stop at nothing is setting off bombs in clinics that counsel abortion.

Sound familiar Carrie?

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The Price of Freedom

2 December, 2011 Leave a comment

When one speaks of the price of freedom, the usual reference is to the cost in blood and treasure that is expended by the military in defending America from threats to such freedom. But this is NOT how it’s defined in Wisconsin now that Nazi Scottie Walker is up to his totalitarian tricks again.  Now his regime will be determining the cost of security and clean up, and God knows what else, that will be part of issuing the *special* permits for groups to gather and protest. So this is what it’s come down to?  Freedom of speech and the right to peaceably assemble…AT A PRICE!  The First Amendment is for sale in Wisconsin.   This governor has got to go!  The PEOPLE of WISCONSIN WILL RECALL WALKER!

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Mea Culpa on my last post regarding the repugnacan field…I forgot about Romney.  On second thought…I forgot about Romney:-)

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The Republican Field: Are You Kidding Me?

So are we really looking at the creme of the crop here?  So far we have the wacko woman from Minnesota who preaches “end of the world” psycho-talk…that we are in “our final days”…and the dude from Texas who thinks succession is a viable option.  And both believe in a fusion of church and state.  Really?  I guess, Bachmania not withstanding, the repugnacans want Obama to be a two term president that bad!

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The President of Texas

Rick Perry might be qualified to be the Pres. of Texas, but he sure as heck isn’t for the POTUS!
CNN: Texas governor says secession possible

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Bachmann & Perry Defined

Bachmann – the perfect mix of insanity, persona and Jesus to keep most teabaggers happy.
Credit goes to Mario Piperni for this succinct description and the terrific “been there, done that” photo morph.

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