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Joe “deadbeat” Walsh

Rep. Joe Walsh = Scumbag deadbeat dad. What an absolute family values hypocrite. Typical republican.

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Reagan – The Tax Man

Although I’m still waiting for the economic ‘trickle-down’ the current impasse on the debt limit presents a perfectly apro pos opportunity to flaunt the fact that the republican patron saint increased taxes (“increased revenue about a dozen times when confronted with surging deficits”) more than Obama and the Democrats are now seeking!  But perhaps the republicans’ new hero is Grover (Grover? Really?) Norquist.

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More voter suppression

This is scary dictator/nazi-stuff!!!!!

Gov. Scott Walker closes WI DMV offices (hint: voter IDs) in Democratic areas.

What a beautiful power-play by Walker: first pass voter ID law, then make it tougher (mainly for Democrats) to get an ID.



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Gerlach Protest Video

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Gerlach – Protest

Protesting the republican/teabagger moves to hold the economy hostage – at Congressman Gerlach’s (PA 6th district) Office.

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