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WI Misses Trifecta but Still Takes 2 from Repugnacan

Recalls are a tall order and the pro working/middle class people in Wisconsin just gained 2 state senate seats. They maintained a healthy amount of political momentum for over a half a year (and a week can be a lifetime in politics). What makes this an even more amazing feat is that it comes after the stock market mini-crash…so this means that a heck of a lot of Wisconsinites had to see thru the fake economics that the repugnacan/tea baggers promote!

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Joe “deadbeat” Walsh

Rep. Joe Walsh = Scumbag deadbeat dad. What an absolute family values hypocrite. Typical republican.

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Reagan – The Tax Man

Although I’m still waiting for the economic ‘trickle-down’ the current impasse on the debt limit presents a perfectly apro pos opportunity to flaunt the fact that the republican patron saint increased taxes (“increased revenue about a dozen times when confronted with surging deficits”) more than Obama and the Democrats are now seeking!  But perhaps the republicans’ new hero is Grover (Grover? Really?) Norquist.

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More voter suppression

This is scary dictator/nazi-stuff!!!!!

Gov. Scott Walker closes WI DMV offices (hint: voter IDs) in Democratic areas.

What a beautiful power-play by Walker: first pass voter ID law, then make it tougher (mainly for Democrats) to get an ID.



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Gerlach Protest Video

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Gerlach – Protest

Protesting the republican/teabagger moves to hold the economy hostage – at Congressman Gerlach’s (PA 6th district) Office.

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Hello WordPress

Imported posts from Blogger…we’ll see how I like the WordPress.

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>Two-Tier Society


With the middle-class shrinking and the current batch of tea-party republicans trying to divide our country even further into ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’, a poster on a recent Yahoo! Finance article nicely summed up something I’ve been perplexed about for many years: 
The odd thing is many of the rural and small town conservative white voters who are such rabid Republican supporters are in the demographic that has been hurt the most by the shift into a two-tier society. It is as if they have volunteered to drift into serfdom. Very little of the wealth in corporate suites trickles down to small town America. – BG
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>Numbers Don’t Lie – Just a Coincidence?

>Why Prosser needed, AND GOT, the magic number!

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>Some Saw This Coming

>Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus’ decision to “go it alone” in her collection and maintenance of election results had county officials raising a red flag about the integrity of her system last year.  How about we take a look at what people were saying long before anyone was concerned about Scott Walker or had even heard of JoAnne Kloppenburg.   Here are some Milwaukee Journal Sentinel readers’ concerns from BACK IN AUGUST 2010 regarding Kathy’s ‘lil Computer Kingdom:

“What happens if the clerk’s office is damaged by flood, tornado, fire or whatever. What happens if the computers in her office and the backups are destroyed or damaged beyond repair? What assures us that people in her office cannot tamper with results?” [emphasis added, although hardly needed :-] -WG

“This is a trainwreck waiting to happen and has possibly already happened. The clerk is being unaccountable and should be investigated and sent packing!” -Takenforgranted

“She is running a rogue department and taking huge chances with election data. The County Board should demand an immediate audit and publish the findings on its web site. If there are any glitches in the system she should be thoroughly investigated for potential fraud. Who does she think she is” -OutspokenReader

Interestingly, and frighteningly, prescient I’d say, wouldn’t you?

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