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The Republican Field: Are You Kidding Me?

So are we really looking at the creme of the crop here?  So far we have the wacko woman from Minnesota who preaches “end of the world” psycho-talk…that we are in “our final days”…and the dude from Texas who thinks succession is a viable option.  And both believe in a fusion of church and state.  Really?  I guess, Bachmania not withstanding, the repugnacans want Obama to be a two term president that bad!

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The President of Texas

Rick Perry might be qualified to be the Pres. of Texas, but he sure as heck isn’t for the POTUS!
CNN: Texas governor says secession possible

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Bachmann & Perry Defined

Bachmann – the perfect mix of insanity, persona and Jesus to keep most teabaggers happy.
Credit goes to Mario Piperni for this succinct description and the terrific “been there, done that” photo morph.

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WI Misses Trifecta but Still Takes 2 from Repugnacan

Recalls are a tall order and the pro working/middle class people in Wisconsin just gained 2 state senate seats. They maintained a healthy amount of political momentum for over a half a year (and a week can be a lifetime in politics). What makes this an even more amazing feat is that it comes after the stock market mini-crash…so this means that a heck of a lot of Wisconsinites had to see thru the fake economics that the repugnacan/tea baggers promote!

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Joe “deadbeat” Walsh

Rep. Joe Walsh = Scumbag deadbeat dad. What an absolute family values hypocrite. Typical republican.

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Reagan – The Tax Man

Although I’m still waiting for the economic ‘trickle-down’ the current impasse on the debt limit presents a perfectly apro pos opportunity to flaunt the fact that the republican patron saint increased taxes (“increased revenue about a dozen times when confronted with surging deficits”) more than Obama and the Democrats are now seeking!  But perhaps the republicans’ new hero is Grover (Grover? Really?) Norquist.

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More voter suppression

This is scary dictator/nazi-stuff!!!!!

Gov. Scott Walker closes WI DMV offices (hint: voter IDs) in Democratic areas.

What a beautiful power-play by Walker: first pass voter ID law, then make it tougher (mainly for Democrats) to get an ID.



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